Photos – St-Alphonse-de-Clare Parish

Building of St-Alphonse-de-Clare Parish Church

Photo courtesy of David LeBlanc, posted to Old PHotos of Clare Facebook Group

Group of men who built St-Alphonse-de-Clare Parish church.  front row: p’tit Cyriac Jeddry, Unknown, Lézin Boudreau, Noah Comeau (foreman), David Maillet, P’tit Fredric Jeddry.  Back row: Le gros Cy, Damain Boudreau, Unknown, unknown.

Postcard Courtesy of Janine Saulnier, originally posted to Old Photos of Clare Facebook Group. Notice the “open” bell towers in this photo. It is believe this photo (postcard) dates from 1922, the commemoration of the new church.

St-Alphonse-de-Clare Parish Church Possibly 1922