Cemetery Home Page – St-Vincent-de-Paul – Salmon River

Oral history says that the first mass at la Rivière-aux-Saumons (Salmon River) was held at the home of my ancestor, Jean Deveau, in 1813, officiated by Père Jean-Mandé Sigogne. We have to rely on oral history passed down as no records remain – the area was repeatedly ravished by fire.

It is also believed a small cemetery existed on the road leading to L’Anse-à David but the records have been lost to fire. The current cemetery is located behind what was the fourth and last church in Salmon River (la Rivière-aux-Saumons); although the parish closed in 2021 the cemetery is still active.

Sincere thanks to Terry J. Deveau for allowing us to use his Salmon River Cemetery photos on this website.