Our Photos

There are almost 7000 photos stored on this website.  If you click on any of our small photos, a larger, more detailed version should appear in a new window.  The larger photo is typically 800 pixels high, and as wide as necessary.  This size was chosen so that  common monitors will show the photo at full size, with no scroll bars.

Use the back button on your browser to remove the larger photo from your display.

Of course, our original photos are much larger.  We elected not to put the original photos on the web site, to conserve resources.  If you need to see one of the originals (maybe to try to decipher what we could not?), just email us a request and we will send a copy of the original photo to you by email.

Just for fun, here is one of our original-sized photos (click to enlarge, then click again to expand the photo to full size):


You are welcome to copy our photos for your personal use.  Please do not post them on line, or use them in a publication without permission.