Stories – People and Events in Clare – Fact or Fiction?

This section of the website will focus on stories,  mostly those written about Clare, its residents and events. For the ‘purist’ historians and genealogists, please know that some of these are “stories” which may or may not be totally factual. Others are totally factual, intended to give the reader some insight into the individuals and events that helped shape Clare

Folklore is by nature a mix of truth and embellishment of the truth.  These stories will be published as they were written and we will provide the source or author. Could Cy à Mature really fly from Baie-Sainte-Marie “sur un écopeau”? We’ll let the reader decide!

If you plan to use any of the information within the story, you will be well-advised to check for factual accuracy, especially if you are in the folklore category of stories. Otherwise, enjoy the stories!

The first set I am including is drawn from the 100 Short Stories written by Father Clarence J. d’Entremont and published in the Yarmouth Vanguard. I have provided links to the ones about people or events in Clare.

On Remembrance Day 2014, I posted an article about one young man from Clare who died in WWI at age twenty. His family received the Memorial Plaque after his death, as did all families of British Commonwealth military personnel who died in World War I or as a result of injuries received during WWI.  His name was Joseph ‘Benoit’ Melanson – read his story here.